Success Stories

“I was seeking a nutritionist and trainer when I found Jane. After our first consultation, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. We started training in October, and I saw immediate changes to my body as well as my energy level. By January, I decided to compete in my first figure competition. She walked me through every step of the way, answering all my questions and preparing me not only physically for the show, but mentally as well. She made changes to my diet and workout depending on where my body was at. I was impressed that she tailored my diet specifically to me. It wasn’t just a cut and dry diet plan that was printed off the internet. She knew what my body needed in order to maximize my efforts at the gym. I know a lot of people who go through contest prep feel deprived of food, and hungry all the time, I never felt this way. Jane knew the healthiest way to cut my calories during my prep, but also how to add my calories back in once my show was done. This was huge!! Most competitors will gain their weight back too fast, and will jeopardize messing up their metabolism. I felt in control the whole time. I would absolutely recommend Jane to anyone looking to get back in shape, tone, or compete! Worth every penny!”  Dawn

“I’ve been training and working on my nutrition with Jane for a year now; I met her when I started boxing. Training with Jane is really great, she knows what she’s doing, and is helping me to get ready to compete soon. She is really savvy on nutrition she has taught me a lot. I know how to keep it clean and with the training she kicks my butt and gets the job done. I know I feel it a day or two or three after so I know she’s doing her job! She is really easy to work with, really interested in getting her client to where they need to be, and giving them the knowledge that they need.”


“This journey that I have been on with my coach Jane has been such an amazing experience. I’m excited to keep moving forward with her to achieve goals for myself that I could never have dreamed. There is not enough time or space to express all of my gratitude for her and the help she continues to give”. Julie



“Jane is and has been very loyal and devoted to her clients. She is always looking out for their best interest.  Now I don’t have to spend my life looking out a window. I can now participate. To keep moving forward and not look back. Jane keeps teaching me to find my inner confidence and belief within myself”. “Here’s to 50lbs down/50lbs to go!   Jodi


“My experience working with Jane has been a true blessing. She has taught me things about myself I would have never known without her. She is professional and passionate about what she does. She loves her work & truly cares about the people she’s helping”. Ashley