Work With Me!

Custom Services are available on an individual basis. Please set up a complimentary consultation and we can review your situation, your goals and create a plan that is tailored specifically for you.

We begin with a coaching call to review the forms you filled out to help me understand you, your goals, your lifestyle, etc. we will come up with some milestones and create a plan of action together.  I will create a customized macro based meal plan and training plan. We will have regular coaching sessions for continued support and to address any changes that need to be made.  In addition you will receive:

  • Be a part of a supportive community
  • Access to our member area
  • Access our private facebook page
  • Plans for eating on the road
  • Travel meal plan
  • Travel exercise plan for hotels with and without gyms
  • Customized educational handouts
  • Continued access to me via email in between coaching sessions
  • So much more

Once you have reached your goal, you can sign up for the follow up program at a special price, where  you will be learning about flexible dieting, how to calculate your own macro needs and putting together your own plans, with my guidance. You will be given all the tools you need to track your food and exercise, as well as additional recipes you can incorporate into your plan.

12 week Post Transformation Program:

4 coaching sessions and email access.

  • Weekly lessons where you will learn:
  • How to calculate your macros
  • How to calculate for weekly and monthly macro amounts
  • How to regulate your cardio
  • What types of exercise you need to do for specific results
  • How to plan a macro based meal plan
  • How to shop and prep food for the week
  • Options for eating/dining when you travel including
  • Specialty sites that deliver nationwide
  • How to Manipulate your macros to prepare for a Big Week (like a vacation)
  • Learn where to shop online for the highest quality food and produce delivery sites.

And so much more.

You will also have continued access to the membership area and private Facebook page.