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Who said you can’t crush a home leg workout? Different workouts should reflect different goals. In this case, this workout is for leg conditioning- muscle endurance and fat burning as opposed to building strength ands size. So, there are different ways to build leg strength and there are different types of strength. This workout  builds muscle endurance- building up your legs ability to last through explosive movements as in floor routines and tumbling series. Check out Simone Biles gold winning olympic floor routine here as an example.

Whats the benefit for you? Well, for starters, as a stand alone workout, you will have the benefit of shredding your legs so you get get that long, lean muscular look to the muscles in your legs. Add in strength workouts in the gym to maximize your aesthetics.  Conditioning and strength training lets you have the best of both worlds. Conditioning adds detail to your muscles, while strength training adds size and and shred.

For an added fat shredding, metabolic boosting,  add 10 minutes of rebounding  either before or after the workout (rebounding is basically jumping on a mini trampoline which you can purchase on amazon).

Home Leg Conditioning Workout # A. For best results, do this workout at least 2x week.

Do the following; try to complete within 10 minutes

3×15 Frog Jumps

3×60 Second wall sit

3×12 hamstring curls with ball

3×15 jumping squats

3×15 jumping lunges

3×15 inner thigh shifts in a straddle (each side- sit in a straddle, flex left leg and swing leg to meet the right leg. Do this 15 times. Then do the same with the right leg).

3×25 squats

3×12 doggy on a fire hydrant (on the floor on all fours (hence doggie) lift your left leg and “pee” on an imaginary fire hydrant. Do 12 times and switch sides.


30 walking lunges (60 total- 30 each side)  0 Lbs

30 walking lunges with 5 lbs hand weights

30 walking lunges with 8 lbs hand weights

Calf Set – Do 3x

25 calf raises- toes straight

25 calf raises toes pointing inwards

25 calf raises toes pointing outwards


F ck Dieting! Everybody is Right!

Everybody nowadays is an expert when it comes to food and dieting. Anyone can follow a plan and then sell it as the next best thing since sliced bread (btw slice bread really isn’t that great, its highly processed and has no nutritional value and usually contains chemical compounds similar to Plastic to keep it softer longer). Nowadays you can take a 3 hour online course and be certified as something. You don’t even have to be certified at all. The deal with diets is that if they work for one, they don’t necessarily work for all. Nuff. Said.

Check it out here.

Physique Routine Training for 2015 NPC Nationals in Miami, Fla.

After injuring my back  I didn’t compete for two years. I don’t know how many of you have had to deal with multiple injections into your spine and radio frequency procedures where they burn the nerve sheath, but they are no fun; no fun at all! So I  had to modify my routine to compensate for some of the movements that were causing me a lot of pain, namely, the ones that required back flexibility. This was a hard pill to swallow, as I had always been very flexible and my back was my strongest body part. Fortunately I worked with a great choreographer who was able to make some creative changes, and I really liked the result.

Check it out here.

Check out my first Physique Routine Circa 2013!

My First Physique Routine 2013  

Throwback to my first physique routine I found in my phone. The quality is a  sketchy but thats because it was for my personal use, and technology has come a long way even in 4 years!

I was fortunate enough to win this competition and perform this routine at the IFBB/NPC North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA. I placed in the top 3, making me the highest ranked amateur (as the top 2 placings get pro status).

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Fat Incirating Cardio Sesh

This is for the bike or treadmill; exertion is between 5-10 on a scale of 1-10 (medium effort to all out effort). Adjust the levels on the bike or treadmill to reflect the right effort for you.

Repeat 3x.

Warm up 5 Minutes.  Level 1

90 sec. sprint. Level 10

2 min. rest. Level 1

60 sec. sprint. Level 12

2 min rest. Level 1

45 sec. sprint. Level 14.

2 min rest. Level 1

30 sec. sprint. RPM 100+.

2 min. rest.

Delts & Abs Quick Workout



Do this 3 times in a row and follow with 10 minutes on the treadmill (the higher the incline the better the fat burn).

AirBike (abs) 30 reps

Military Press 15, 12, 10 (reps)

Ab Crunch 30 reps

Lateral Raise 15, 12, 10

Crossbody Crunches (abs) 30 reps

B/O (bent over) Rear Delt Raises 15,12,10

Glute Raises (on floor or ball for more intensity) 30 reps

Do 3 sets continuously then 10 minutes on the treadmill (the higher the incline the greater the fat burn effect). High Incline & Medium Speed.

For drop sets increase the weight incrementally each set (the lower the reps the higher the weight).

Have fun! This is a great, quick burn with fast results. Post pics and let me know how is was for you!

Injuries Suck!

Coming soon, can anybody relate to living with permanent injuries as an athlete? Comment below while I prepare this video about chronic injuries and competing, dieting, changes in body chemistry and more.