About Me

In 2008 I left my career in finance, moved to Colorado and pursued what I love to do- I started my career in the fitness industry and fell into the world of fitness competitions, where I achieved top national status and in both the fitness and physique categories. Now retired from competition,  I love mentoring other people, competitors and non competitors, helping them achieve their goals, whether that is a personal best, or a local or national ambition. My programs incorporate my background as a TOPS trained gymnastics coach, strength and conditioning coach, sports nutrition and nutrition therapy to create  dynamic, varied competition prep programs, body transformation programs and weight loss plans

If there is one thing I would like you to really get from visiting my site, is that overcoming health issues does not have to be expensive or a long drawn out process or involve prescription or over the counter drugs of any kind!  The best feeling in the world for me is being able to take part in someone else’s journey and witness the amazing transformation that takes place when they see the results of their efforts in the mirror and their spirit begins to heal.

People describe me as down to earth, motivated, and ripped! I am a mom, athlete and entrepreneur.  I have 2 crazy dogs I love unconditionally, lord though, they can drive me nuts!  I love to eat almond butter and honey mixed together…straight out of both jars; and sometimes I sleep through my alarm. I am far from perfect-  I have experienced many of the same struggles as you; the knowledge I’ve gained from my own struggles with my weight and body image goes beyond what I have been taught in the the classroom, and I really connect with what you are going through as well.

It is through my own experiences that I understand what you are going through. It started at a very young age, as a gymnast, with the unrealistic expectations about how I should look and what I should eat. I have always had a stocky, muscular build, and was built that way as a kid, way before strong became the new skinny; before looking “ripped” was the “in” look. The critical comments of others created an insecurity about what I looked like and what I ate that continued throughout my life and set me up for a long journey of disordered eating. A few years into my career in finance, I was diagnosed with a plethora of digestive issues, migraines, skin conditions, you name it! I felt awful. This was in part due to the very unhealthy eating and exercising habits I put myself through, and in part due to the stress of my career. I drank too much coffee, I ate too much sugar (for energy), worked out inconsistently, and felt very depressed.

After I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I did a lot of research about nutrition, which I applied in my life and I was able to REVERSE all my symptoms- and this happened very quickly, I started feeling better within days, and the changes continue to accrue. The more I learned, the better I felt, and the more passionate I felt about helping others achieve similar results.

I received my nutrition and sports certifications in 2008 and currently I am pursuing my certification  in eating psychology from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I am so excited to incorporate this into my practice! I received my B.A from Columbia University in New York.