Warrior Food Girl  specializes in body transformations, bariatric weight loss and competition prep programs. With over 10 years experience in the industry as a fitness pro, top fitness athlete, nutritionist and strength coach, I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Check out my programs under the programs tab. I offer independent online programs or one to one coaching for more support. You are able to purchase an online program and purchase coaching separately as you go for guidance.

If you have been struggling with losing weight, and you are feeling despondent,  disillusioned and mentally exhausted, check out my Body Transformation Intensive Program. As it implies, this is an intense one to one program and I pull out all the stops and include everything in my arsenal to create the perfect program for you.

Just to give you an idea, this would include unlimited coaching sessions, customized workout plans, nutrition plans, supplement plans, tracking body work, and anything else to get you moving in the right direction and loving yourself again. Check out the body transformations of some of my clients under success stories. I have helped people lose between 50-100 Lbs through this program, I can help you too!

Warrior Food Girl gives it to you straight, you will never feel deprived again and it won’t feel like a diet. Once you learn these tricks you will never need another diet, detox, fat flush, or fast again.

No special drinks, supplements, or meals to purchase. Real info. Real food. Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan Plans.



New! Omnivore, Vegetarian and Vegan Plans!

Our busy lives wreak havoc on our metabolism, and oftentimes we put ourselves on the back-burner. Convenience eating, stress, medications and other facts of modern life lead to physical and emotional burnout. Our metabolism is shot, our adrenals are maxed, our cortisol levels are high, and this shows up in the inability to lose weight, feeling anxious and/or depressed, feeling tired, having poor sleeping patterns and more.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The programs I’ve developed are based on the successes of real people. They were able to turn around their metabolisms, lose weight, gain energy and establish healthy lifestyle habits. Each program has been developed to address the full range lifestyle transformation. Each plan offers a different approach to weight loss, but the end results are the same. You will look great, feel better, and be armed with life changing tools that you can carry into your life and feel confident that you can maintain real, lasting change.

All services include access to private Facebook page. I post secrets here I don’t anywhere else.  You will also get access to exclusive recipes, additional blogs/vlogs about specific health and exercise topics with supplement protocols, access to Xymogen supplements, a top tier supplement company (www.xymogen.com). The value you will receive from this information and community is priceless!

We offer programs in habit coaching, body transformations (mom shred, enlightened executive, kick ass fat loss), online training, custom macro based/flexible nutrition, and 360 competition preparation.

We provide ongoing support once you’ve reached your goals, so you will never feel abandoned. We offer customized nutrition plans to address specific conditions.

We meet you where you are at in your health journey. We will work with you to guide you to the next level.

About Me

Thanks for taking a look at my site. If there is one thing I would like you to take away, it is that overcoming health issues or weightless does not have to be expensive or a long drawn out process, or involve prescription meds or over the counter drugs of any kind!  

The best feeling in the world for me is being able to take part in someone else’s weight loss journey and witness the amazing transformation that takes place when they see the results of their efforts in the mirror and their spirit begins to heal.

In 2008 I left my career in finance, moved to Colorado and pursued what I love to do- I started my career in the fitness industry and fell into the world of fitness competitions, where I achieved top national status and in both the fitness and physique categories. Now retired from competition,  I love mentoring other people, competitors and non competitors, helping them achieve their goals, whether that is a personal best, or a local or national ambition. My programs incorporate my background as a TOPS trained gymnastics coach, strength and conditioning coach, sports nutrition and nutrition therapy to create  dynamic, varied competition prep programs, body transformation programs and weight loss plans

Overcoming and managing my own struggles with my weight and body image goes beyond what I have been taught in the the classroom, and I really connect with what you are going through. I am far from perfect, I have dealt with fluctuating weight loss and the emotional rollercoaster that body image issues can invoke. I have been on the detox/retox train and still deal with  my own struggles –  I have experienced many of the same obstacles we all experience.

It is through my own experiences that I understand what you are going through. It started at a very young age, as a gymnast, with the unrealistic expectations about how I should look and what I should eat. I have always had a stocky, muscular build, and was built that way as a kid, way before strong became the new skinny; before looking “ripped” was the “in” look. The critical comments of others created an insecurity about what I looked like and what I ate that continued throughout my life and set me up for a long journey of disordered eating. A few years into my career in finance, I was diagnosed with a plethora of digestive issues, migraines, skin conditions, you name it! I felt awful. This was in part due to the very unhealthy eating and exercising habits I put myself through, and in part due to the stress of my career. I drank too much coffee, I ate too much sugar (for energy), worked out inconsistently, and felt very depressed.

After I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I did a lot of research about nutrition, which I applied in my life and I was able to REVERSE all my symptoms- and this happened very quickly, I started feeling better within days, and the changes continue to accrue. The more I learned, the better I felt, and the more passionate I felt about helping others achieve similar results.

I received my nutrition and sports certifications in 2008, and have studied extensively with the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Nutrition Therapy, as well as United States Sports Academy, in Sports Science. Currently I am pursuing my certification  in eating psychology from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating; I am so excited to incorporate this into my practice! I received my B.A from Columbia University in New York.